Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 7 Mini Challenge - Organizing Your Workspace

Well this is it everyone! Our last mini challenge was to organize your workspace whether you have a desk or just work from your dining room table. I thought this would be perfect for the last day because then it'd be clean to start the new week. 

My desk was absolutely disastrous ... seriously. I have a tendency to start projects and then not feel like finishing them. I also drag lots of stuff out and then don't feel like putting it away in its proper place. The result is this ...

Crazy, right? I decided to go through some pictures & other keepsakes, got distracted, and left the mess. Then the rest is just random stuff I sat on my desk that came from other rooms. I have an office but when my fiance is home, I tend to work in the living room or kitchen. 

Here's the after of my desk. I removed all the junk that shouldn't have been there & put it up. 

Here's my tips for organizing your workspace:

  • Remove everything that doesn't belong & put it where it goes. Don't move one pile of junk from one spot to another. That's what I call double working yourself. 
  • Keep only your bare essentials on your desk. Pens, sticky notes, etc. For me, I keep my "on-the-go office basket" which is filled with pens, flags, washi tape, and sticky notes. I also keep my labelmaker which I use frequently, printer, lamp, and 2 decorative pieces on my desk. 
  • If you choose to add decorative accents, make sure to keep it simple and make sure it won't be in the way of you working. 
  • To maintain your clean space, put everything away each time you leave your desk or put things away immediately after you're done with them. 
I hope everyone enjoyed this week's mini challenges and I hope they have motivated you to continue on your journey to organizational bliss! Continue with baby steps and you won't get burned out. What you will get is an organized life. 

Happy organizing!


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  1. Great suggestions! I am going to tackle my desk now!